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YPL Partners

YPL Partners


The best thing you can do for a young athlete is teach him the proper techniques for our evolving game and keep him healthy in the process. That's why the best thing you can do for your young athlete is get him involved in YPL. I wish YPL was around when my own children were learning the game. This is an incredible and unique program.

by Tony Dungy

I've been around hundreds of football training camps, passing leagues, youth leagues and coaching clinics. NONE can offer the expertise, fun and competitive environments and safety of YPL. The knowledge of the coaches is second to none and the energy around this program amazes me. YPL is the future of football training for the passing game and the passing game is the future of football.

by Keyshawn Johnson





Pro Schedule 6-29

  • 6:50 Green vs Broncos
    Chipewas vs Ragin Cajuns
  • 8:00 Green vs. Dark Knigts
    Lightning vs. Broncos
  • 7:25 Swuaddd vs. Ragin Cajuns
    Chippewas vs. Dark Knights
  • 8:35 Lightning vs. Chippewas
    Squadddd vs. Dark Knights

Rookie Schedule 6-29

  • 4:50 Dem Boyz vs. Bruins
    Black vs. Tigers
  • 5:25 Red Devils vs. Predators
    Bruins vs. Tigers
  • 6:00 Dem Boyz vs. Predators
    Black vs. Red Devils

*Holy Innocents Episcopal School: 805 Mt. Vernon Hwy NW, Sandy Springs, GA 30327


**Sutton Middle School: 2875 Northside Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30305