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Youth Passing League Founder

Advisory Board

League Overview:

This 7-on-7 passing league incorporates non-contact play with proper fundamentals to provide growth and skill development for youth. League play includes every-down passing on a 40-yard field with all players participating on offense and defense. Football at every level has become dominated by the pass as offenses and defenses become more complex and player safety is emphasized. YPL provides proper training to thrive and adapt to the constant changes of the sport. YPL league play provides a fun, encouraging and safe environment for football's next generation of stars in the passing game to polish their skills on both sides of the ball and prepare for the upcoming season.



Our mission is to create and maintain the premier youth passing development platform in the world. We aim to educate each athlete on how to properly play football at the highest level within safe environments for limited injury risk.

Why YPL?

Safety - Injuries have become a major issue in youth football, preventing millions of Americans from allowing their children to participate in football.  Improving the prevention of football injuries such as concussions through very limited contact and the addition of soft-gel helmets

Skill Development - Proper techniques are the key to our league, we want to develop each athlete in their passing fundamentals, from developing proper catching techniques to throwing fundamentals.  Camps will be coached by collegiate coach, providing the highest level of coaching available.  During our skill camps we will gain mastery of stance, start, alignment, and concept knowledge the will be pivotal in becoming the best player you can be.

High Individual Participation - 10-14 player teams that allows maximum participation for each of the athletes.  Each athlete will be afforded the opportunity to play multiple skill position in order to develop a better understanding the game.

Coaching/Training Camps - Weekly camps in the YPL program will be provided by “world class” coaching. Coaching at YPL will separate our league from all others, providing each league coach with the proper coaching tools, demonstrations, and videos for implementation in their practices.

Minimum Time Commitment - With the hectic summer schedule YPL only requires an 2.5 hour per week time commitment.

Increase in Passing Trends - YPL passing philosophy directly correlates with the trends of increased passing offense from the pros to the high school level.